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By Outsourcing to North Star Medical Billing

We can maximize your reimbursement by ensuring your claims are properly coded by our Certified Medical Coders. This will ensure proper payment at the highest possible level. The single most important reason for outsourcing is to reduce and control operating costs. You will experience better moral, increased productivity and elimination of your administrative staffs "burden of billing." We understand you, as well as your staff, are highly trained at taking care of patients. So let us do what we are highly trained to do.....increase your revenue! 

As part of our compliance program, we conduct internal audits of the codes frequently billed by our providers and publish these findings in our quarterly newsletter. We are continually striving to further educate ourselves so that we may better service our clients. North Star is more than just "claims billing," we are an invaluable asset to your practice. That is what sets us apart!

Northstar Medical Billing are members of the AAPC (american academy of professional coders) and the ARHCP (association of registered healthcare professionals)

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Medical Billing

Northstar Medical Billing is Michigan's Medical Billing Service
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